Plans for Swerve Advance/by Marquisha Mathis

Swerve, an annual campus dance competition for charity, will look a little different this year because of COVID guidelines. It will be held on April 16 in Swor Auditorium with multiple showings for 270 audience members throughout the day.

Planning for Swerve usually begins in the spring semester, but because of uncertainty with COVID and whether it would be held, it started later than usual with a number of protocols set in place. 

Swerve will only be open to students, faculty, and staff that attend or work at MC. Individuals who are not a part of the MC community are not allowed to attend due to limiting seating options and having to socially distance everyone in the building.

However, those on the Student Productions Committee are in the process of working to make it happen virtually. Chip Wilson, the Assistant Director of Student Engagement, said, “We are working on a way to virtually attend Swerve, but are not 100% certain it will be possible due to the price of the ticket and a viewing platform.”

Swerve is one that students look forward to seeing every year when all tribes and clubs prepare to shine. However, it wouldn’t be what it is without the help of the Office of Student Engagement, who work alongside the offices of AV and Event Services to put this together to make it happen. 

During this time, students have the chance to come up with their own theme, the songs/mix their routine will have, and members of their team. The team that wins the first-place prize will have the money from ticket sales go straight towards their philanthropy.

Of all the events that happen on campus, Swerve is unique and sets itself apart in such a way. COVID has shut down many things, and whether Swerve would happen or not was anyone’s guess. Wilson said, “Hannah Moore, who is the committee chair, and Wesley Thomas, the board director, have done a phenomenal job with helping create the event, even on short notice.”

This event is not only for those in clubs and tribes, but it is also open to the rest of campus who want to show off their skills and be a part of this fun event and create a team if they choose.

MC is a university that is all about giving back to the community, and participating in Swerve allows students the opportunity to have fun while also being able to help others wherever they can.

Swerve is a great event that even in the time of COVID will not be affected. It’s where students, faculty, and staff can expect to see great performances and experience and participate in the fun atmosphere as this campus tradition continues to make the hearts of everyone happy at a time like no other!

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The Collegian

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