Everyman Performs at Lion’s Club Park/by Morgan Miller

On March 26, MC students and the Department of Communication showcased “Everyman,” a production adapted from a centuries-old play from around 1500. Described as both a reality show and a morality play, “Everyman” is characterized by the titular figure’s journey to attain salvation.

As the main character navigates through the various and often messy waters of life, he or she must learn to make the right choices so that heaven can be sought after the passing of death. The name of the play, “Everyman,” is a stand-in of sorts for those of the Christian faith, meaning that every man and woman can see themselves in the main character as we make our own choices in the effort to reach salvation. 

The play had its first performance at the newly established Lion’s Club Park, located right off of the Brick Streets. It was an idyllic setting for the performance as the audience gathered on picnic blankets and folding chairs while children played on the nearby playground. The overhead blue skies and setting sun gave the performers the perfect backdrop to tell Everyman’s story.

It was clear to spectators just how much time and effort went into this production. The lines were soaring and filled with verses that harken back to an older style of language, but it was also blended with more modern lines on behalf of the narrators. There was a beautifully sung rendition of “Amazing Grace” as well as an interpretive dance number.

“A lot of work was put into bringing it together,” said performer Marquisha Mathis, referencing the play. “I’m graduating in May, so I really enjoyed being in one last show at MC. It’s been a blast! I hope that people saw how hard we worked, and that they truly got a sense of the show and how each of us loved every minute of performing in it.” 

Adding to that, performer John Mark Pinter said, “My experience with Everyman has been one that I feel like I will cherish for a long time. Working with a cast of amazing people and sharing a message of faith are both reasons as to why. If there was any message to take away from the play, I think it would be to check yourself and see where you stand because the world and its possessions can get in the way of your true faith.”

Those feelings of dedication certainly came across seeing the show in person. With messages of salvation and the fantastic atmosphere of the Lion’s Club Park, watching “Everyman” was certainly a Friday evening well spent. 

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The Collegian

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