SGA Welcomes a New Executive Council/by Kienna Van Dellen

Last week MC voted in a new 2021-2022 Student Government Association Executive Council. Here is a look at who they are and what they hope to bring to the Mississippi College community.

SGA President Sam Hughes 

“I am a political science major from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I came to MC because my whole family has come through MC. My parents met here and were married in Provine Chapel. I

would love to attend law school after graduation. Some things I am involved in other than SGA are: Civitan Men’s Club, Chenoa Social Tribe, a former OL leader, a former FLIP member, and a charter member for the Amicus Pre-Law Society here on campus.

“I want MC to know how excited I am for the opportunity to serve the students in this upcoming year. I have learned a lot of things for the current Executive Council that I hope to bring with me into this next year. I want students to know that they have someone they can talk to about whatever they need, and that I will do whatever is in my power to assist them.

“Some things I hope to accomplish this year are: continue to build our relationship with the Clinton community to promote small business within it, help guide us completely out of COVID and return to the MC we all know and love, and get visual, impactful changes made directly to campus that our students can begin enjoying right away. I love Mississippi College, and I am thrilled to be the next SGA President. Also, let’s bring back the net!” 

Vice President Cole Benoit 

“I graduated from Pearl River Central High School in Carriere, Mississippi. I am a rising junior majoring in Public Relations and Marketing. At Mississippi College, I am part of the cross country and track team. I am also involved in The Board, FCA, AMA, and SGA while working as an admissions intern.

“I am excited for the opportunity to work alongside the new Executive Council as Vice President. In this position, I look forward to leading the Student Leadership Council (SLC). The SLC is a diverse group of individuals that represent the many aspects of our campus. With so many bright minds together I believe we have a great opportunity to create change for the better of our students at Mississippi College.”

Chief Justice Annie Marks 

“I’m from Niles, Michigan, and currently a junior double majoring in English Writing and Psychology. I hope to attend law school after I graduate! Outside of school, I work at the Writing Center as a peer tutor and blog editor. I was recently chosen to be the Assistant to the Assistant Writing Center Director for the next school year. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and reading.

“I am extremely honored to be chosen as the next Chief Justice. In this position, I plan to lead the Judicial Council with the same level of commitment and leadership that the many great Chief Justices have shown in the past. I will work with the Judicial Council to continue serving the MC student body, whether that be through hearing traffic appeals or helping in any way needed. I will also work alongside the Executive Council and other members of the Student Government Association to hear the needs of every student on campus. Together, we will create a more unified campus where every student feels welcomed, heard, and appreciated.”

Business Manager Daniel McCammon

“Hey MC! I am a rising senior biology pre-med student who is eagerly awaiting my inauguration to become your SGA Business Manager. A good portion of my time is spent competing on the men’s tennis team and playing spike ball.

“I am thrilled to work with an experienced and polished Executive Council. Each of us has served in some capacity in SGA for multiple years, so I am fully confident that we possess the experience necessary to accomplish many astounding goals next year! Personally, 2021-2022 will mark my third year in MC’s SGA, and I am excited to be serving as the new Business Manager. In this role, I am charged with maintaining SGA’s social media, funds, and official correspondence with whomever we may be in communication. I hope to keep the student body well-informed and well-heard through our social media, as I believe it imperative that all students have the ability to provide input concerning the goings-on of SGA. In addition to all of this, I want to work with the school’s administration to ensure that Mississippi College regains the normalcy we had (and that we all miss) before this terrible pandemic.” 

Published by

The Collegian

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