SGA Plans Service Day Project/by Marquisha Mathis

The Student Government Association is an organization on campus that represents all undergraduate students of Mississippi, providing a regimen of extracurricular activities around campus that best fit students’ needs and interests.

SGA is currently in the planning stages for a service project on April 13-14 of this semester. The idea was crafted by last year’s SGA Executive Council amid the large-scale changes to its constitution.

Many people have lost so many things during the pandemic, and this service project is an opportunity to bring light and awareness to those specific things.

With this last year, it was felt as though it was important for SGA to make a greater difference in the surrounding community, and the service day will help accomplish that goal. This service day can encompass anything within the realm of possibility.

MC is a university that enjoys giving back, and SGA is no stranger to service projects, but this is something different. As part of the guidelines, it is now required, and it is an opportunity that allows students the chance to get involved and serve them.

The event usually varies every semester. But SGA plans to take two days to highlight various aspects of life that have been greatly affected by the pandemic.

The idea of a service day was put on the table to create a better connection and make a greater impact in the community. For this project specifically, it came about in a brainstorming session in the Auxiliary Services committee.

The hours that are required for SGA service hours have been replaced with this service day, which gives the organization a better chance to make a difference in the MC, Clinton, and Jackson communities.

SGA were considering many ways in which they could give back to the students and help everyone work through this semester, and the idea of this service project was formed. Brandon Blair, who is a senior representative, came up with the idea and worked hard to make it happen. SGA hopes that this is something that makes a lasting impact on this campus.

Damon Wright, the Vice President of SGA, said, “This is one project that stands out for SGA because we are aiming to reach and connect the campus holistically and involve all parts of the student body. COVID has affected all of us in some way, shape, or form, and I think this service project will be an indication that Mississippi College, with the power of Christ, is stronger than any pandemic.”

Despite what has been lost or negatively affected by COVID-19, this campus is one that is stronger together and uses our bonds and faith to persevere through all of life’s most difficult challenges.

This service event will be held on campus, and the dates of this service project are subject to change, so be sure to check the SGA’s social media for more updates. SGA hopes campus can get involved and enjoy the things that they are putting together. The more hands on this project, the greater the impact it will make on the lives of others.

Published by

The Collegian

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