MC Social Tribe Earns Laguna Day/by Marquisha Mathis

Mississippi College has a number of student organizations on campus for MC students to get involved with during their four years here, whether that be academic, career-related, honor societies, intramurals, and more. This allows them the chance to participate and become a part of something bigger. One known thing about MC is the clubs and tribes, where incoming freshmen and transfers have the opportunity to connect and get involved.

One organization in particular is Laguna Social Tribe, which was established in 1952. On April 10, the City of Clinton Mayor Fisher approved this day as Annual Laguna Day It is another day to celebrate Laguna and to connect sisterhood with the city.

This was a day for Laguna to build more relationships and celebrate 68 years of being on the campus of MC.

Because of COVID regulations last year, the tribe was unable to have their usual Founders Day on the quad, but this event was bigger and opened the celebration to the whole city.

Laguna held a booth on the brick streets from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. that resembled a classic Laguna tailgate to allow Clinton residents who haven’t experienced their tailgate the chance to see what they typically are like for the actives.

During this time, they passed out information brochures about the Hard Places Community, which is a non-profit organization based in Jackson that fights internationally against human trafficking in Cambodia, Greece, India, and Madagascar. They also told Clinton residents about Laguna Social Tribe and made new relationships with the people of the small town.

Laguna has had generous support from MC alumni, Clinton residents, and local businesses.

Dance practices at Olde Towne Barre, fundraising at Arrow Nutrition, active jerseys from Clinton Printwear & Trophies, and catering from The Bank have all been a part of the success of Laguna.

This event was an opportunity to forge greater connections and celebrate together.

A number of goods were baked such as cake pops, brownies, blueberry pie muffins, chocolate cookies, and more! They also sold Hard Places Community merchandise including HPC tumblers, handmade Greek soap, and handmade Cambodian scarves, where 100% of the proceeds went to HPC.

Over $300 was raised for the Hard Places Community, their philanthropy.

Laguna is a well-known organization on campus that participates in a number of events intended to give back or bring in new people to join in on what it’s like to be here.

Jill Dickerson, the President of Laguna, said, “What I learned by being in this sisterhood for the past four years is that you can’t do it all on your own. In anything I have accomplished, I have had help and support from all the people around me.”

The support that this organization gets from MC and Clinton as a whole means a lot. Being able to join Main Street Clinton was a joyful and encouraging day for Laguna.

Dickerson, who will be graduating in May, wanted to leave something significant behind. “With Laguna Day, I can graduate leaving Laguna in a fantastic position to grow stronger connections with the city of Clinton,” she said.

This is just a small step, but Dickerson believes in the ladies of Laguna and knows that it is going to grow bigger and better every year with their creativity, kindness, and ambition.

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