Recruitment for 2021 On the Horizon / Rachel Faulk

As the fall semester begins, Recruitment is only a few weeks away. Signups opened on July 1, 2021, and students can sign up through Sept. 10. 

Recruitment is the process students must go through in order to join one of MC’s 10 social organizations (five tribes and five clubs). Recruitment this year is scheduled to kick off on Saturday, Sept. 11 and conclude a week later on Sept. 18. 

Last year’s Recruitment process had to be modified due to COVID-19 restrictions, and although plans are still tentative with current concerns, Council presidents Olivia Grace Brookins and Jarred Couch anticipate that this year’s Recruitment will be more hands-on and similar to previous years. 

One new addition this year, Brookins said, is Block Party on the Bricks, which will take place on Aug. 31 during Student Experience Week. “This is going to be a really fun way to learn about Recruitment and get a chance to interact with the different organizations before Recruitment even begins!”

The Recruitment process consists of a series of events during which potential new members (PNMs) can get to know the different organizations and decide which club or tribe they want to join. 

“The general flow of Recruitment begins with Recruitment Kickoff followed by Coke parties, which are more formal events to meet with each individual organization,” Brookins explained. “Next up are invite parties, which are in a more relaxed setting. Finally, the last chance event is the final opportunity to meet with any organizations before submitting your pref card!”

Placement in clubs and tribes is determined through a process of mutual selection. After the Coke parties, PNMs will submit interest cards ranking the organizations they are most interested in, which helps organizations decide who to invite to their invite parties. At the end of the week, PNMs submit a pref card ranking the organizations they most want to be a part of. The organizations also create a list of PNMs they would like as new members. PNMs are placed in a club or tribe based on both of these preferences. Even if a PNM does not appear on any organization’s list, they are still guaranteed a spot in a club or tribe based on their preferences and available spots. PNMs find out their placements on Saturday night, Sept. 18. 

Brookins and Couch encourage all new students to consider going through Recruitment. “Tribes and clubs provide an amazing opportunity to engage with lots of different people on MC’s campus,” Brookins said. “It’s a great way to get involved and meet people from all different walks of life. Being in a tribe or club also provides different leadership opportunities as well as growth personally and spiritually. Tribes and clubs are also just so fun! There are a ton of different fun events and people to meet by being in an organization! I encourage everyone to give Recruitment a try!” 

Couch mentioned that one of his favorite things about being in a club was having a group of guys to hang out with and grow spiritually alongside. One of the best parts about Recruitment, Couch said, is “getting to meet your family away from your family, and finding people who you’re going to walk through the next four years of your college experience with.”

Similarly, Brookins said, “Being in a tribe has been an incredible experience for me as it provided me with such a wonderful community of people! I’ve been able to grow so much as a result of my tribe, both personally and as a leader.” She added, “Recruitment in general was such a fun time as I was able to meet so many people from all different organizations as well as other girls going through Recruitment with me! I loved being able to watch other people find where they fit best as I found where I fit best!”

Students should be aware that joining an organization is time-consuming, Couch acknowledged. “But I want every student to know, whatever individual club or tribe you get with, they’re going to work with you.” He emphasized that clubs and tribes will seek to accommodate students who may have a heavier course load, are working a job, are commuters, or other concerns. “Whatever group you get put in, they actually and genuinely care about you.”

Couch also wants new students to know that despite the stereotypes they might hear, each organization is diverse, and all students are welcome. “Every one of the organizations is unique because they have such a diverse group of people. No matter what box you put it in, everyone in there is different, but they all come together as a family.”

Every student is welcome in Recruitment, Couch emphasized. “I do want everyone to know, there is a place for you. You are wanted. You are going to fit in. And you also don’t have to make yourself fit a certain mold in order to be accepted.”

Interested students must sign up by Sept. 10, and the cost to sign up for Recruitment is $75. The signup form and a detailed schedule can be found at

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