A Monsterous Journey / John Mark Pinter

Ever since she was a child, Lindsey Williams has loved developing stories in her head. Williams, now a Mississippi College junior, forged that passion into a reality with her first self-published series of books, Monsterous. Currently, there are two main titles: Monsterous: Part One – Everything Out of the Ordinary, and Monsterous: Part Two – The She-Monster. 

Inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein first published in 1818, the first book in this series tells the story of an extremely handsome, 50-year-old Doctor Victor Frankenstein sequestered in his castle with his 12 ridiculous monsters. He is accompanied by his assistant Igor, socially awkward but also extremely handsome. Surrounded by a village full of people who hate and fear the Doctor, the menagerie has no choice but to stay locked away in the castle. We follow Igor as he enjoys the seclusion and captivity despite having lived in this state for 20 years. Everything seems fine until one day the world that Doctor Frankenstein has stitched together for Igor begins to unravel as he discovers the Doctor’s mysterious past. 

Williams chose to self-publish because she knew the process of publishing through a company could take years and she wanted to take that first step on her own. “Call me a nerd, but holding a physical copy of my own book feels like holding my stubborn infant that took three years to finally birth!” Williams said. “I highly recommend self-publishing to writers looking to take the next step in their journey.” She plans to look into professional publishing in the future.

When asked about her future career she said, “I’ve pondered many things I can do as I write. Let’s be honest, ‘Self-Published Author’ doesn’t exactly scream financial stability, but as is normal in a chaotic life.” Regardless, Williams plans to continue writing. “One vocation I have for certain is to write books for God’s glory, stories with characters who feel alive on the pages with recurring reminders of hope and salvation.” 

If you’d like to support Williams and read her books for yourself, you can purchase a physical or electronic copy from Amazon. If you’d like to follow along on updates and author illustrations, you can follow her on Instagram @i_right_with_my_write_hand.

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