Clubs and Tribes Wrap up Recruitment, Prepare for Follies / Rachel Faulk

Moving into October, MC’s social organizations will be finishing up the Recruitment process before turning their focus toward Follies and other Homecoming events. 

Recruitment events began with Block Party on the Bricks, which took place on Aug. 31. At this game show-themed event held on the brick streets, freshmen and other students interested in going through Recruitment were able to meet the clubs and tribes. According to Council president Jarred Couch, Block Party on the Bricks was “where a lot of people got their first notion of what they really wanted out of Recruitment.”

Clubs and tribes picked a game show and created activities around that theme, and attendees enjoyed donuts and lemonade from local companies. “We had a lot of people come,” said Olivia Grace Brookins, fellow Council president. “I think people had a really great time. It was a success.”

According to Brookins, over 320 people signed up for Recruitment this year. Recruitment Week took place Sep. 11-18, and all events were held in person. Events began with a kickoff and Twilight Tailgate on the Quad on Saturday, Sep. 11. Throughout the following week, Potential New Members attended Coke parties, invite parties, and a last chance event. The week concluded on Saturday, Sep. 18, with Squeal Night for tribes and Reveal Night for clubs. Because this took place during Family Weekend, there was the potential of parental involvement in this year’s celebration.

Currently, clubs and tribes are in the middle of the Recruitment Process, which new members must go through to join their organization. The Process began Sep. 18 and will conclude on Oct. 17. Couch admitted that the Process will be time-consuming and tiring for students going through it during this time. “They’re gonna need some positive energy.”

After the conclusion of Recruitment, clubs and tribes will turn their attention to preparing for Homecoming events, the most notable of which is Follies. An MC tradition, Follies is an annual performance of creative skits by each of the clubs and tribes. Follies is scheduled to take place Oct. 28-29, 2021. 

While new members have traditionally been required to participate in Follies as part of the Recruitment Process, this year will look slightly different since Follies takes place after the Process concludes. This year, participation is optional for new members, but it is also open to active members in the clubs and tribes. According to Couch, many organizations are offering incentives for members to participate in Follies.

“I think it will be really exciting to give more actives the opportunity to be in it, but new members are definitely encouraged to be a part,” Brookins said. “We’re still hoping it will be very new member centered; however, it will give an opportunity for people who want to be in it, and we think that will increase the production quality of Follies.”

While COVID still has the potential to disrupt plans for future events including Follies, clubs and tribes hope to indeed see the return of one of campus’s most beloved traditions. “If we get to have Follies, which I hope we will, then everyone is going to be focused on making it the best production that they can,” said Couch.

Follies is scheduled to be performed Thursday, Oct. 28 and Friday, Oct. 29. The Thursday performance will be a free showing for students, faculty, and staff, while Friday’s performance is open to the public. Those interested in attending should look out for more information on how to reserve a ticket for these performances.

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