New and improved Marching Band / Evan Espinoza

Students at Mississippi College might remember the pep band that played in the bleachers at football games in years past, but a true marching band has not been a part of the game day experience for quite a long time. That all changes this semester with the arrival of the brand new marching band alongside directors Duncan Goff and David White. 

Goff and White first arrived at Mississippi College in the fall of 2019 with high hopes of building up the new marching band program. They recruited all summer long and managed to successfully lead the pep band throughout the football season while preparing them for the marching band which would start the following fall semester. When COVID-19 hit campus football games, the much-anticipated marching band was put on hold, delaying their plans for another year. This year, Goff and White have finally been able to put their plans into action and have been working with their group of about 50 students to bring MC the marching band it deserves.

When asked about how the marching band was shaping up, Duncan Goff gave credit to Mississippi College administration, the students participating in the program, and his fellow directors. Goff remarked, “It takes a lot of people to put a marching band together, it’s no one person… It takes everybody working together to do that.” Goff has been working with his team since last school year to put together a performance that goes all the way from pre-game to halftime show to post-game, entertaining students and all others the whole time. Once students arrived at campus in August, Goff immediately got to work to get the band familiar with the music and formations for the halftime show. As this football season progresses, Goff hopes to bring an improved version of the marching band to every home game, adding on to the halftime show and stands music to keep the crowd thoroughly entertained.

With this school year being the first of many for the marching band, there is nothing but potential and growth for the future of the program. As excitement builds to bring consistently impressive marching band experiences to the audience, Goff anticipates having to work out a few kinks throughout the season. Goff expressed his desire for students to bear with the band, saying, “We need students to just support us over the next few years through the ‘growing pains’ of what we’re doing.” The school’s lack of a marching band in previous years has made the task of creating one especially difficult for the directors and students. Without a prior method of doing things in place, the entire program is doing its very best to be efficient and impressive while maintaining a higher level of quality for the audience.

As this year’s football season continues, those in attendance at football games and tailgates on the quad can expect regular appearances from the marching band. Duncan Goff encourages all students to spread the word about the program and help grow it as much as possible for bigger and better things to come in the future. The new Mississippi College marching band is here to stay and will surely give its audience the entertainment they deserve.

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