The Return of Pimento’s / Evan Espinoza

This semester has seen the return of many Mississippi College staples such as a full-scale Recruitment, Caf waffle makers, and the campus favorite restaurant, Pimento’s. Due to Campus Dining staffing shortages throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Pimento’s was unfortunately shut down to keep the Caf and new restaurants like Chick-Fil-A and Einstein Bros. Bagels up and running throughout the school year. Many rumors began floating around campus as to what would become of the space Pimento’s used. Some always thought the same restaurant would eventually return, and some put their hope in a campus Whataburger. However, the former seems to have proved true as Pimento’s is officially back up and running with a full staff. 

Campus Dining manager Mike Prince decided that after a quiet opening to test the waters earlier in September, it seemed best to proceed with fully reopening the restaurant at full capacity. When asked whether it would be the same old Pimento’s or not, Prince actually had news regarding new menu items. “We’ve added a new nacho, chicken Caesar wrap, and chicken fiesta wrap… One new thing we also want to try is adding fries to the menu,” Prince said regarding the new menu. He also hinted at daily specials to enter the rotation of the menu in the near future. 

Prince also shot down the rumors of replacing Pimento’s with any new restaurants or other facilities. Anyone holding out hope for that campus Whataburger will have to settle for Pimento’s, as Prince stated, “We have an agreement with them [Pimento’s] so the question was never if it was coming back, but when it would come back.” The main issue of re-opening the restaurant was simply the lack of labor to run it alongside other campus restaurants and the Caf.

As the return of Pimento’s marks a big step in the right direction for campus dining, the question of whether or not it can compete with the new restaurants still exists. Prince remains sure of the fact that Pimento’s, for the time being, is here to stay. Pimento’s was, however, the catalyst for discussions about more restaurants to come in the future. The juniors and seniors of Mississippi College have long missed the old counterpart to Pimento’s, 1826. On this topic, Prince said, “1826 has been another discussion. We have talked about making it into a store or possibly a new hangout spot for students, but nothing is decided yet.” 

While the mystery of what should become of 1826 remains, the mystery and rumors of Pimento’s can finally be put to rest. Mike Prince encouraged students to keep bringing business to Pimento’s as they work on bringing something for everyone in both old and new menu items. Prince also noted that it would only be open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in order to maximize business on the busier parts of the day. When the lines are too long at Chick-Fil-A or a break from the Caf is needed, stop by Pimento’s for a new and tasty lunch experience. 

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