Go Week Events Highlight Church Missions / Caroline Hunt

Davion Brown stands at a table at MC’s famous “Big Steps,” handing out Chick-fil-a biscuits with a huge smile on his face. Surrounding him are multiple others doing the same thing, asking passersby, usually students hustling to class, if they want some breakfast and then telling them to have a nice day. This is only one event of the Office of Christian Life’s “Go Week” in which they feature the importance of doing mission work. 

When asked what his team was out there doing so early on a random Wednesday morning Brown said, “We are out here giving out Chick-fil-a biscuits to just say ‘good morning’ and hope that everyone gets a good breakfast this morning. We hope people see this as a part of our mission initiative.”

The mission initiative of this event is simple: Go. 

Based on the last sentence of Jesus Christ before his ascension to heaven at the end of the four Gospels, as he urges his disciples to go out to every nation and continue to make disciples in his name, MC’s Christian Life organization hopes to achieve the same thing Jesus did with their “Go Week” event: to make “mission-minded” disciples.

The Office of Christian Life on MC’s campus is responsible for multiple familiar on-campus functions, such as the weekly large group Chapel services, the Blue and Gold or MC 101 groups for new students, and the Community Service Center, which most notably helps MC’s social tribes and clubs with their respective philanthropies. 

Christian Life also provides students with connections to local churches, on-campus ministries, like the Baptist Student Union (BSU), and the Food Pantry and Benevolence Form which offers opportunities for students and faculty members to give back to their community. 

The “Go Week” festivities included multiple pop-up events, like the one Brown was a part of, and speaker-led discussions that showcased the personal impact that being in the mission field had on the speaker and leaders of the event. One event, called “Theology Thursday” featured a rather significant speaker who talked about her personal experience with missions. 

Jennie Taylor, speaker at the Thursday event, detailed how missions helped to expand her worldview and how important it is to not let personal prejudices inhibit “sharing the gospel with [one’s] neighbors.”

The Baptist Student Union, also known as the BSU, also held a “Go Week” event before Taylor’s discussion panel in which they spoke to students about their organization and their role in the event this week. 

Brandon Conerly, associate BSU director, said, “The BSU is a place where students can come to feel welcome. It’s also a place where students come to be encouraged in the Lord and poured into as disciples. The Office of Christian Life has been very loving and supportive of us, working very closely with us and allowing us to collaborate for this event. We hope that students have been encouraged by this week and have a broadened world view because of it.”

One student, Hannah Quigley said in response to the importance of what “Go Week” is, said, “Summer missions are a great way to get out of your comfort zone, live out your faith in real ways and fulfill what we believe the Lord is calling us to do.” 

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