The Fun of Follies: The Return of a Classic Tradition / Alana Magliolo

On the surface, Mississippi College seems to rob its students of fun because it does not have Greek life. However, MC has social clubs and tribes as alternatives to fraternities and sororities and one of their most anticipated events of the year is the production of follies, which is making its return this fall. 

Follies, which will take place on October 28 and 29 during homecoming weekend, are compilations of singing, acting, and dancing. Each club and tribe has its own theme and works on its individual performance throughout the new member process. Last year, follies in its entirety were canceled due to the risks of large groups of people in close contact with each other. 

This year, however, follies are back and hopefully permanently. Now open to actives and new members alike, follies provide opportunities to help behind-the-scenes with props or to participate in the performance itself. With homecoming weekend quickly approaching, the excitement for follies around MC’s campus continues to grow. 

Josi Hill is a senior active in Kissimmee Social Tribe. She is serving as one of Kissimmee’s follies chairs this year. 

“For me personally, it has been even more exciting to be able to be part of follies this year due to it being gone for over a year,” said Hill. “Half of our students on campus have never seen a Follies so this year is so important for everyone to see the excitement and fun the Follies tradition brings!” 

As the Director of Student Engagement, Chip Wilson oversees the Council and works year-round to ensure that recruitment remains a smooth process and experience for everyone. 

“This year we were able to have in-person recruitment, rather than a hybrid schedule like last year. The in-person schedule allowed for more face-to-face connections between students and gave recruitment more of a “normal” feel,” said Wilson. “Because we hosted most events outside, students were able to attend the parties without a mask. This is a huge step from where we were last year. We are very excited to bring follies back to campus and allow all students within clubs and tribes to have the opportunity to participate.” 

Follies display the culmination of the clubs and tribes coming together to produce a diverse and exciting production every fall. As decided by the follies chairs in each club and tribe, each individual show has a unique theme each year. The audience participation at follies is a major part of the experience. The students look forward to clapping and cheering loudly in support for their club and tribe. The faculty enjoys coming to support their students, and friends and family who live in the general vicinity love coming to see their students perform. 

Swor Auditorium, located on MC’s campus, will host the two identical performances. The student performance, free to all students and faculty, will be on Thursday, October 28 at 9 p.m. Tickets are available for sale to the public for the general performance, which will take place the following evening at 7 pm. 

Jarred Couch is a senior in Rotaract Men’s Club, as well as one of the Council Presidents. He expressed his personal excitement for follies this year. 

“Last year we all really had to miss out on the incredible production and entertainment that is Follies. Luckily this year we will get to have that excitement back! It is different this year due to it being an option for PNMs to participate in,” said Couch. “I think this will be an adjustment and will be different. With that being said I think it will be better than ever! With members of the clubs and tribes being able to participate in follies as a whole it will be one of the best follies we have ever had! I cannot wait to see it!”

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