MC finally gets its Arby’s / Chloe Newton

            For many generations, fast food has been an integral part of the college experience. Universities are beginning to include fast-food chains on and around their campuses as a portion of their pitch to draw in potential students. Incoming freshmen want to know what options, other than a cafeteria, will be available to them. While having a variety of on-campus food makes college life a little more exciting, off-campus restaurants create equally exciting experiences for students. 

            Clinton has been home to several staple fast-food restaurants. Half-priced shakes after eight from Sonic, French fries from McDonalds for those carb cravings, and the iconic Jesus chicken from Chick-Fil-A are among those staples. Other, less popular, fast-food chains include Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, and Wendy’s.

             But a new neighbor is moving into this community of food establishments. So make room, restaurants, because everyone’s favorite curly fries are on their way to Clinton. Very soon, Arby’s will be officially added to the list of fast-food restaurants in the area.

Arby’s, in cooperation with the city of Clinton, are searching for a contractor to start on construction. Ground is expected to be broken within the next few weeks; an official opening is hoped for within the next few months. Currently, the space is a useless concrete slab, where the old Bumper’s restaurant existed (318 US-80, Clinton, Miss, 39056). The location is three minutes away from campus, which is closer by 10 minutes than the current nearest Arby’s in Jackson.

            Daniel Lang, Clinton’s director of economic developments, is excited for this new development and for its potential to help the city as well as MC students. 

            “We always need a little bit more, and this provides diversity,” said Lang. “Ultimately, it will help Clinton.”

            Arby’s will generate sales tax revenue, provide meals, and most importantly, open job opportunities for students. The current average salary for an Arby’s worker is 11 dollars per hour.

            Ellie Acton, a freshman from Heidelberg, Miss. and graphic design major, was thrilled at the announcement of a new fast-food restaurant. Acton said, “It’ll be nice when parents come to visit, and I’ll definitely be going quite a bit.”

            The arrival of Arby’s sparks interest in what other new places might be coming to Clinton in the future. Currently, Sonny’s BBQ is in the process of training workers, so it can officially open. Cafezinho is on the verge of opening its drive-up coffee shop.

            MC students can get excited for the plans developing for the small and usually quiet city. Lang expressed that new concepts are in the works, but not much information can be disclosed at the moment. Clinton seeks to draw in visitors to spend weekends away or evenings out here in the city and to invest in the presence of the University.

            “We are working on new concept plans that will be geared towards college students and that will be closer to campus,” Lang said. 

            The city desires these new establishments to be trendy. The goal is to keep students on campus during the weekends. Clinton wants to create a more exciting community, so that students don’t have to drive to other surrounding cities in order to participate in fun activities. 

            Clinton officials are realizing the importance of the students in the city of Clinton. They want students to feel Clinton is their home just as much as Mississippi College is. MC is clearly an important aspect of the city. By integrating MC students more into the community, the hope is that other students from other universities will want to join the Choctaws in Clinton for weekend experiences.

            The Clinton Arby’s is not just a new fast-food option but a beacon of light to the possibilities of growth in this community of residents and students.

            The only thing left to do is to make Instagram’s @mc.needs.arbys aware that his hopes and dreams are coming true.

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