New Coffee Shop in Clinton set to Open Soon / Chloe Newton


Photo: The newest location of Cafezinho Coffee Company is located in the parking lot of Indian Lanes off Northside Drive.  The bright blue shipping container will house the new coffee shop.

MC students can never have enough coffee. Coffee is a life force for so many on Mississippi College’s campus. It fuels and motivates them to push through those tough days. Cups, the on-campus Starbucks, and the off-campus Starbucks have served the students well through the years. But students will never turn away a new coffee shop, which is why MC students will be excited to discover that a new coffee provider will be returning to Clinton.

            Cafezinho Coffee Company will be opening by the end of January or early February after the city of Clinton makes the final approvals. 

Daniel Lang, Clinton’s director of economic developments, said, “We’ve done a market study recently on what’s needed in Clinton. One of those things is a coffee shop.”

Two years ago, the first Cafezinho in Clinton closed, but the new and more modern location can be found next to Indian Lanes, the bowling alley on Northside Drive. 

            “There are pockets of Clinton where it’s a thoroughfare for people if they are not going all the way out to the interstate,” Lang said.

            But don’t make the mistake of looking for the typical building. The new Cafezinho takes the shape of a blue shipping container. While a shipping container may not sound very permanent, the coffee shop is here to stay. 

It is a drive-in and walk-up style business with outside seating available. Cafezinho is creating a whole new purpose for the area. Surrounding the adequately lighted seating area will be a rotation of food trucks to spice up the life of the locals.

 In addition, attached to Cafezinho will be the snow cone business, Sno Biz, for those who are not coffee buffs. Ultimately, this space will create a welcoming atmosphere for students and locals to enjoy during the warmer months.

“Cafezinho” is the Portuguese word for “small cup of coffee.” In Portuguese-speaking countries, it is common and hospitable to offer a small cup of coffee to family and friends when they enter one’s home. Thus, guests feel welcomed by the gesture. This description fits the already loyal customer base Cafezinho has created with not only the old location in Clinton but also the one in Flowood, Miss.

Cafezinho has already begun to hire employees, and this location is prone to hire MC students. For many students, off-campus jobs are a little worrisome. But believe it or not, they have just as many (or maybe more) benefits to them. 

Nathanael Smith, a junior psychology major, was recently hired by Cafezinho and has worked his fair share of off-campus jobs. “Working off-campus forces you to work with people maybe you don’t like too much or work in a different setting that is going to bring different challenges that you would not have faced if you were just working on campus,” said Smith.

Besides the character-building challenges off-campus jobs might bring, the starting pay will most likely be above the minimum wage line. Off-campus jobs present opportunities for raises whereas most on-campus jobs have a set hourly pay. 

These jobs benefit students whose hometowns are close to campus because holiday breaks, like Christmas and spring break, don’t keep the businesses from shutting down. Students can have a consistent inflow of income without having to look for different jobs in the summer or over breaks. 

Smith said, “It also makes you more responsible … I’m forced to be able to organize my time well.”

This quality is commendable on resumes. Employers love to see students who managed their time well and who maintained a good GPA and a job in college.

Cafezinho will provide excellent opportunities for students to work and an exciting atmosphere for students to enjoy. Cafezinho’s vibrant blends will satisfy and welcome every Choctaw and Clintonian that travels to its window. 

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