The Rise of a King: Brian King Joins MC Athletic Staff / Michael Long

Photo: Brian King (on left) discusses workouts with Assistant Track & Field Coach Joe Snyder (on right).

The unexpected move took place over December of 2021. Mississippi College’s former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Marcus “Mak” Makovicka unexpectedly left to accept a position at Arizona State University. As a result of that move, Brian King was promoted into the assistant coach position. 

New Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach King was promoted after being a graduate assistant from fall of 2020 through fall of 2021. Prior to that he started as an intern at the Madison Healthplex during the fall of 2019, before becoming an intern at MC in January 2020. In regard to his time at Madison Healthplex, King said, “I got to get some good experience there, and after that semester was over was when I kind of had in my mind that I wanted to go to the collegiate side of things.” 

At the age of 24, things have moved quickly for King and his collegiate career. When asked if he expected things to move so quickly for him, he said, “You know? If you’re talking about when I was in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do. So no, not necessarily. Then now getting that assistant position a semester early, that’s kind of a shock and a very good thing and I’m very happy about that.” 

The “semester early” King was referring to was the completion of his graduate degree in May of 2022. King originally planned to send out applications and attempt to use contacts he had made in the past couple of years to stay in the Jackson area, most likely in a high school program. He planned to move down to high school despite his dream of working with college athletes in order to stay close to his girlfriend, who is currently completing PT school at UMMC.  

King expressed extreme satisfaction for the opportunity to be promoted inside Mississippi College’s athletic program. When asked why he had concerns about moving down to the high school level, he said, “A lot of times it’s hard once you get into high school jobs, it’s hard to get back into the collegiate side of things.” It was King’s dream and goal to work in college athletics.  

King’s responsibilities from graduate assistant to assistant coach have increased significantly. As a GA, King worked with the men’s and women’s tennis and golf teams. As the assistant coach, however, he directly supervises and runs workouts for men’s and women’s basketball, track and field, and cross country. King does not pick favorites; when asked if there was a team he enjoyed the most he said, “No, not necessarily one I enjoy the most. I will say, I haven’t had a ton of time working with these new sports … I have enjoyed working with them.” 

For those who wonder what workout the new strength and conditioning coach loves the most, it is jumping. When asked where his love for jumping came from, all he said was, “I love jumping. I don’t know. I’ve always loved jumping. It’s just a great method of training …” He went on to say, “I believe in jumping with every sport that I have. Even when I had golf the past couple of years, I’ve jumped with golf, even though it’s not something they do in their sport.” Many would consider this an odd thing to involve in workouts; however, King explained that it helps train explosiveness in athletes’ muscles and mindsets, as well as helping them master balance and body control.  

The last thing to know about Brian King is that he loves fishing. When fishing was brought up, he immediately said, “I love fishing. I’m addicted to fishing.” Fishing is like the other half of what makes King who he is. He loves largemouth bass fishing and crappie fishing; however, he said, “I don’t have a whole lot of honey holes for crappie … Usually I rely on people taking me crappie fishing …” Thus, those who would like to get to know King can go by and offer to take him crappie fishing. He would love to go with you. However, do not ask to go bass fishing with him as he does not reveal his bass honey holes to anyone. 

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