Lions Club: The Reinvention of Fun / Evan Espinoza

Photo: Kaleb Jefcoat (left) and Spencer Hayes (right) enjoy a round of cornhole at Lions Club Park. These jolly fellows are thrilled that there is finally a free cornhole set to use so close to campus. 

Lions Club Park, located in Olde Towne Clinton, is an inclusive park which adheres to ADA guidelines and accommodates the visually impaired. While the park was built with this kid-friendly, all-inclusive mindset, the adults were left out of the fun. However, Lions Club has recently added a new section to its existing facilities for the “big kids” to come out and have a good time. A small gravel pit with concrete cornhole boards and free-to-use bags now exists at Lions Club for anyone to get a game in, or for parents to relax and have a bit of fun while their kids get some daily exercise. 

This addition to the park was long overdue. Adam Wade, Director of Parks and Recreation in Clinton, was excited to finally get this fun project finished and open to the public. “This was actually always a part of the plan for Lions Club … We recently gained the private funding to be able to move forward with the new developments,” said Wade. Even though the new section is a fun addition to the park grounds, the Parks and Recreation department is being careful to not overcrowd the area but is always eager to improve upon what has already been done.

The new cornhole sets at Lions Club are also a big draw for the students of Mississippi College. This was in mind as Adam Wade and his department proceeded with its addition to the park. “With cornhole being such a popular game and the park’s location being so close to MC and the brick streets, it was something we just really wanted to add,” Wade said concerning the strategy of updating the park. 

Now that the cornhole sets exist at the park, students have extra incentive to pay it a visit. “Cornhole is fun,” said Dalton Wheeler, a junior at MC. “I don’t find myself at Lions Club too often but if someone wanted to go and play some cornhole, I would definitely be down.”

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