Art Department NY Trip / Evan Espinoza

“Art education students (from left to right) Dani Henderson, Emily Elliott, Joy Powell, Emma Kate Lyons, Dr. Stephanie Busbea, Corrie Lee, and Lauren Sitarz stand outside the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum after a morning of seminars at the convention.”

In March, Dr. Stephanie Busbea and the seniors and juniors of the art education department at Mississippi College spent a few days in New York City for the National Art Education Association conference. The group spent time in seminars, talked to professionals in the art education field, and visited many of New York’s best art museums to gain some in-depth experience and knowledge in their future profession. The students got to hear lectures from current art-educators and talk to vendors from whom they could one day purchase classroom art supplies.

“A big theme of the conference was about getting kids to think more creatively and problem-solve,” said Corrie Lee, a junior art education major. “Every morning we would get to the conference and there would be about 20 different sessions every hour we could go to and hear from different professionals.” They were also educated on teaching different types of students. They got to hear outlooks on how to approach and appreciate all kinds of different students, ranging from elementary to high school to those with special needs.

The group also got to have a close bonding experience, as they all had a few days to immerse themselves in a field that they’re all passionate about. “We all get to come back now and enjoy [even more] and be motivated to go to class with each other,” Lee said. “Now even Dr. Busbea knows me a lot more and who I am as a person, and I got to hear a lot about her passion for teaching.” 

Aside from the vast amounts of new knowledge the group gained at the conference, they also gained a refreshed sense of inspiration at the art museums. “I love learning about artists and how they influence art,” commented Lee on the aspect of the trip that she enjoyed most. “It was so cool seeing the work of so many famous artists we’ve studied in our art history classes. We got to sit down and try to sketch some of [the art] and it really gave me a deeper appreciation for it and its complexity.”  

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