Closing of Dutch’s Oven could negatively affect the Clinton community / Shauna Gandenberger

In early 2019, Dave and Ruth Holland fulfilled their dreams of opening a diner in Clinton, Miss. They previously opened and operated Dutch’s Oven Street Food, a food truck which served pancakes, burgers, tacos, and more. They were immediately loved by the community and therefore decided to open a restaurant on Northside Drive. 

On January 25, the Dutch’s Oven Facebook account made an announcement that the restaurant would be closing. The post stated they were very sad about the situation and that, “If there was a way to keep in business I promise we would have for it was with a genuine love that we have strived to provide the best food, service, and atmosphere.” 

Clinton local Barry Burnside has enjoyed dining at Dutch’s oven with his family on various occasions over the years. 

“When my family would eat at the Dutch’s Oven for dinner, we were sure to run into friends from school and church,” he said. “I was always welcomed with a smile, and they made me feel at home.” 

Although Clinton is the 17th largest city in Mississippi, it possesses a “small town” feel. This can be largely credited to the various small businesses and restaurants that locals enjoy often. These family owned businesses are typically much more personable and people oriented than major chain restaurants.  

Ruth and Dave both enjoyed the opportunity to own a small business in Clinton. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the customers we served. The greatest satisfaction came from providing a fantastic meal, going out to check on the guests and receiving positive feedback,” Dave said. “Going to miss that!”

Clinton is a growing city with an abundance of potential. It is important that locals remember the negative effects that a town can suffer when small business and restaurants are not made a priority. 

The loss of small businesses could lead to economic struggles due to loss of jobs and decreased tax revenue. 

Without Dutch’s Oven, there is one less tourist attraction to bring people to Clinton. Without Dutch’s Oven there is one less place for families to gather together, one less teenager getting to experience his or her first job, and one less couple living out their dreams of serving food to their neighbors. 

“I truly appreciate the support we received from our loyal customers over the past several years,” Dave said. “My hope is that they will value local businesses and do all they can to support them going forward.”

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