Getting ahead of the game with career prep clubs / Chloe Newton

Photo: Chloe Newton, Caption: (From left to right) Justin Fridley, Aaron Blackburn, and Lauren Hill are members of MC’s mock trial team. They all wish to pursue law, and mock trial is a stepping stone to becoming top notch lawyers.

With graduation looming ahead, many seniors are preparing to enter the work fields they have chosen to study during their time at Mississippi College. They are holding onto whatever is left of those transition years between childhood and adulthood. For the rest of the student body, the workforce is close at hand, and it is wise to think about getting a taste of what the workforce will be like while on campus. An abundance of opportunities are available through the various career prep clubs on campus.

Career prep clubs exist for all majors. Students not only have the opportunity to learn more about their future careers but also to gain hands-on experience and to participate in service opportunities. These activities are appealing to employers; therefore, they should appeal to students.

For students interested in law, MC’s mock trial club and team provide experience in preparing a case for trial. Mock trial consists of a club and team. Team members compete in the American National Mock Trial tournament. Club members are not required to compete in the tournament but help with the planning and forming of the final competition product. Students in mock trial focus all of their energy in preparing for the competition. 

At the beginning of the fall semester, mock trial teams all across the country receive an imaginary case to read and dissect. 

“From there, we get the affidavits involved, the interviews of each witness, the indictment of what we are pursuing, and the evidence. Then, throughout the fall, we plan and strategize,” said Justin Fridley, the current president of the mock trial team.

Students of the pre-law variety are encouraged to join but all students are welcome.

For students with the hope of influencing the future generations in education, Kappa Delta Pi (KDP), the international honor society for education majors, benefits its members by providing experiences in local schools. Because it is an honor society, potential members must fill out an application. If accepted, new members must attend a formal induction ceremony during the fall semester. Members are expected to come to informational meetings as well as participate in service projects. For the MC chapter, these service projects engage with the community and schools of Clinton.

Morgan Marullo, a senior elementary education major and an officer of KDP, said, “ I absolutely love being a part of MC’s KDP Chapter; it has ignited and continued my excitement and passion for teaching even more.”

Those interested in joining KDP can attend the informational meetings held at the beginning of the fall semester.

MC’s education and pre-law programs are highly revered on campus, but the most popular degree at MC is by far bio pre-med. The medical and service-based club MEDLIFE offers students the opportunity to practice skills in taking blood pressure, learning CPR, and running medical tests. The MEDLIFE general body meets once a month but three to four events occur each week. These events include skill labs, lectures, volunteer opportunities, and fun nights. In 2020, MC’s chapter won the Best Local Service Award.

MEDLIFE actively volunteers with the 4 C’s garden, Jackson Free Health Clinic, and Mission First Medical and Dental Service; it aims to serve every Saturday. While the club is medical-based, volunteer opportunities take the shape of whatever the organizations need. 

The national chapter of MEDLIFE also offers international service medical trips to Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua, and Tanzania. Team members meet medical needs through mobile clinics and community needs. Community needs range from building homes to gardening.

The mobile clinic services vary. Diana Florencio, a graduate student from Boston, Mass., and member of the 2021-2022 officer body, said, “When a patient comes in, they figure out what problem they are having and if they need medication. Depending on the mobile clinic, each one has different services.”

MEDLIFE engages with the larger student body by opening up events to non-club members. The club includes undergraduate and graduate students and encourages all students to get involved. Students can email to get involved.

Mock trial, Kappa Delta Pi, and MEDLIFE create meaningful opportunities for students to engage. Not only do career prep clubs broaden the college experience, but they also provide a chance to make connections in the fields they serve. Students benefit greatly from getting involved with career prep clubs, and one never knows how involvement could affect their future.

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