The Mississippi Collegian is the official newspaper of Mississippi College.  Run by students for students, the Collegian strives to bring quality journalism to its readers as well as providing an avenue for freedom of expression for all students.  We hope to encourage a general interest in news and enlighten our readers.  The Collegian staff is employed by the Mississippi College Department of Communication and is printed every two weeks.  Additional strictly-online stories are posted during the off week of the Collegian.  We welcome students and faculty members to write for the Collegian as well as letters to the editor.  No experience is needed, only a love for writing and sharing stories.

Email ajyoungblood@mc.edu or contact the specific section editors if interested.

The 2018-2019 Staff

Faculty Advisor: Tim Nicholas, tnichola@mc.edu

Editor-in-Chief: Joelle Youngblood, ajyoungblood@mc.edu

Assistant Editor: Tiffany Strain, tastrain@mc.edu

Graphics Editor: Ana Eliseeva, aeliseeva@mc.edu

Copy Editor: Taylor Hathorn, tmhathorn@mc.edu

News Editor: Meredith Stratmann, mestratmann@mc.edu

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Joshua Dilmore, jfdilmore@mc.edu

Opinions Editor: Tyler Shamblin, jtshamblin@mc.edu

Sports Editor: Corey Rholdon, cmrholdon@mc.edu

Photographer:  Nicole Skelton, snskelton@mc.edu

Reporter: Anna Beauti, ambeauti@mc.edu

Social Media Coordinator: Allie Wise, agwise@mc.edu

Ad Manager: Nathalie Rowell, ncrowell@mc.edu



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