What is your go-to quarantine snack?

Brennan Heard  “Oreos and peanut butter are fire!”  Nga Truong  “Menthol cough drops hit differently sometimes.”  Lillian Sisson  “Dry cereal. I literally carry a box of cereal everywhere I go.”  Bryan Matthews “ Everything. Unfortunately, everything.”

MC Intramurals Add E-Sports/by Jace Aymond

For many MC students, participating in intramurals is one of the most anticipated events of the semester. Aspects such as enjoying quality time with close friends, the competitive nature of sports, as well as bringing the whole MC family together are why intramurals have become a well-loved and important part of the MC experience. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Goes Back to Work/by Morgan Miller

In March, COVID-19 effectively shut down the entire film and television industry. Productions were stalled or cancelled altogether, forcing people to put beloved stories on hold for the greater good of public safety. Actors, directors, and producers all went home, and the public was left to re-watch old favorites while news of suspended productions and... Continue Reading →

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