Authentic Eats at Los Amigos/by Kyle Hamrick

Along with a Dollar General and a generations old gas station, no Southern town would be complete without a Mexican restaurant. I practically grew up on “cheese dip” and fuh-gee-tas served in dimly lit cantinas decorated with ceramic peppers and sombreros. And Taco Bell...c’est magnifique! It is therefore no surprise my tastes are hardwired to... Continue Reading →

The Band PACIFIC Rocks MC/by Naomi Taylor

On Oct. 18, 2019, up-and-coming alternative rock group The Band Pacific performed a concert on Mississippi College’s campus to raise money for Batson Children’s Hospital of Mississippi Dance Marathon. The Freshman Leadership Initiative Program (FLIP) decorated the Caf patio with shimmering lights in all the trees and bushes, creating a very MC and aesthetically pleasing... Continue Reading →

Heartfelt Moments and Heart-Stopping Fear: A Review of IT: Chapter Two/by Jared Vardaman

Horror fans globally screamed with delight after the trailer for IT: Chapter Two released last spring. 2017’s first installment of the IT franchise was praised for its dramatic cinematography, unnerving images, and superb casting choices. Actor Bill Skarsgard, who plays the film’s toothy titular terror, even admits to being affected emotionally after playing the character.... Continue Reading →

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