Editorial: One History, Under Trump/by Kyle Hamrick

“Tell all the Truth but tell it slant, Success in Circuit lies.” This line by Emily Dickinson seems particularly fitting in light of President Trump’s forthcoming executive order: an initiative for “patriotic education” to teach American school children to love their country unconditionally. At a conference given inside the National Archives Museum on Sept. 17,... Continue Reading →

A Flag for the Future/by Kyle Hamrick

By: Kyle Hamrick The first petition I ever signed was to remove the Confederate emblem from the Mississippi state flag. A friend posted a link on Facebook, and I ascribed my virtual signature in support. At last, I thought, Mississippi can finally let its wretched past be past.  In June, the 1894 Mississippi flag slid... Continue Reading →

To The Editor/by Dr. Reid Vance

To the Editor: My first letter to an editor of a newspaper was sent in the late 1980s, to the Jackson Daily News, on a topic I now can’t remember.  In the decades since, I’ve been tempted to fire off other opinionated missives on any number of issues vital to societal discourse—for example, how video... Continue Reading →

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