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Editorial: One History, Under Trump/by Kyle Hamrick

“Tell all the Truth but tell it slant, Success in Circuit lies.” This line by Emily Dickinson seems particularly fitting in light of President Trump’s forthcoming executive order: an initiative for “patriotic education” to teach American school children to love their country unconditionally. At a conference given inside the National Archives Museum on Sept. 17, Trump said, “We must clear

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Confederate Heritage Month is Not What Mississippi Needs / By: Kyle Hamrick, Editor in Chief

As if the coronavirus was not bad enough, here comes the Confederacy from beyond the grave. Two days after Mississippi went under a shelter-at-home order to combat the spread of COVID-19, Governor Tate Reeves signed “Confederate Heritage Month” into effect. According to an article in the Jackson Free Press, the proclamation designates April 2020 as a month to remember Mississippi’s

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A Word of Encouragement On The Coronavirus / By: Kyle Hamrick, Editor in Chief

Time and journalism have a weird relationship. As articulators of the new, we feel a need to reveal our discovery to the public as soon as we learn it. Yet as curators of history, and as human beings capable of being wrong, journalists often can learn a lot more by exercising patience and letting the story develop. I have searched

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