Piazza Fountain Undergoing Renovation/by Austin LaBrot

The Piazza has been quiet lately, and not just because COVID-19 restricts group gatherings. The pitter-patter, splashes, and drips of MC’s picturesque fountain are missing, because the fountain is taking a much-needed self-care hiatus for restoration. “The fountain disappeared quicker than D.B. Cooper,” exclaimed senior accounting student Riley Street, comparing the fountain’s disappearance to the... Continue Reading →

What was your favorite quarantine hobby?

Hannah Moore:  “My favorite quarantine hobby was teaching my dog tricks! He never learned to roll over….” Evan Phillips: “My favorite quarantine hobby was making vlogs and posting them to my Instagram @_evan_phillips. You could say I’m quirky.”  Caleb Baldwin: “My favorite quarantine hobby was fishing. After hours of fishing out of a kayak, I... Continue Reading →

Student Success/by Austin LaBrot

The Mississippi College Office of Student Success is typically housed in Leland Speed Library; today, it is housed on Google Meet. Regan Atkins, the office’s director, has been working tirelessly to make sure students have an outlet for all their learning needs.  Since COVID-19 was found in Mississippi, moving classes entirely online, many staff members... Continue Reading →

To The Editor/by Dr. Reid Vance

To the Editor: My first letter to an editor of a newspaper was sent in the late 1980s, to the Jackson Daily News, on a topic I now can’t remember.  In the decades since, I’ve been tempted to fire off other opinionated missives on any number of issues vital to societal discourse—for example, how video... Continue Reading →

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