Midagri Income of Food to Wholesale Markets in Lima Falls up to 57.1%

As a result of the stoppages and road blockades in some regions of our country, this Wednesday, December 14, the ravages of the lack of mobility began to be felt, thus affecting the entry of food to the wholesale markets of Lima.

According to data from the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), 4,210 tons of food entered the Great Wholesale Market of Lima today, representing -14.4% of the average of the last four Wednesdays (4,918 tons).

While in the Great Fruit Market No. 2, today an entry of 827 tons of products was registered, representing -57.1% to what was reported on average for the last four Wednesdays (1,926 tons).

Due to the situation in the country, some essential products have risen in price in the Great Wholesale Market of Lima , the main supply center of the capital.

According to the Midagri price report, green beans increased from S/ 2 to S/ 2.45 per kilogram, while the Sunday potato rose from S/ 2.50 to S/ 2.78 per kilo. Likewise, the Cusco-type corn jumped from S/ 1.79 to S/ 2.02 and yellow cassava from S/ 3.05 to S/ 3.25 per kilo.

On the other hand, in the Gran Mercado N° 2 of fruits, prices of red globe grapes are reported to rise from S/ 2.38 to S/ 2.63 per kilogram and jungle papaya from S/ 1.8 to S/ 2.10

Similarly, the jungle granadilla and the Hawaiian pineapple have had a slight increase of 0.12% and 0.10% respectively in their prices per kilogram.



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