MC’s Newest Organization/by Austin LaBrot

The newest club on campus, the Sexual Assault Prevention Ambassadors (SAPA), hopes to raise awareness for sexual assault on Mississippi College’s campus, educating Choctaws on how to remain safe.  Passed through SGA two weeks ago, Nathalie Rowell founded and leads the ambassadors as president, giving them information to spread across campus.  “As a survivor of... Continue Reading →

Updates from Our President/by Austin LaBrot

As the fall semester draws to a close, President Blake Thompson provides insight into the coming weeks and the upcoming spring semester. A chief concern for many students over the next few weeks is how final exams are going to work. Simply, finals will continue as normal. Professors oversee how they administer finals, Thompson said. ... Continue Reading →

Clinton’s Choices for Congress/by Stone Clanton

The City of Clinton is located in Mississippi’s Second Congressional District, and its representative is up for reelection this year.  Born in Bolton in 1948, Bennie Gordon Thompson began his activism through the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee while at Tougaloo College, organizing voter registration drives for Blacks throughout the Mississippi Delta before becoming a schoolteacher.... Continue Reading →

Mississippi College Votes

On Tuesday, October 20, we put four polls on our Instagram story. We asked MC students and Collegian readers to cast their votes for president, Mississippi state senator, the proposed Mississippi state flag, and the legalization of medical marijuana in Mississippi.  When asked to vote for either President Donald Trump or Vice President Joe Biden... Continue Reading →

MC Goes Big Screen/by Austin LaBrot

History professor and Reconstruction-era enthusiast Melissa “Missy” Jones was interviewed by both Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) and MSNBC within the span of a week. Jones shared her knowledge on women’s suffrage and African American Mississippi ancestry.  MPB reached out to the Mississippi Humanities Council asking for an expert in the history field on women’s suffrage.... Continue Reading →

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