Onward We Go/by Morgan Miller

On March 6, Disney and Pixar released Onward into theaters across the world as the newest film to come from the two studios’ successful partnership. It combined the voice talents of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, promising an entertaining story about two brothers and the fantastical journey they undertake. Reviews were favorable, and the film... Continue Reading →

The Writing Center Goes Digital/by Austin LaBrot

The Mississippi College  Writing Center has been fully equipped to help students remotely. As COVID-19 continues to keep students away from MC, the Writing Center can meet students wherever they are.  Writing Center Assistant Director Lingshan Song, said 17 tutors have been trained to work via Zoom, online chat, and online correspondence.  Leading the Writing... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 in Canada/by Kienna Van Dellen

The pandemic is sweeping through the world one person at a time labeled as COVID-19. This new virus, also known as the coronavirus, is a respiratory illness similar to the flu with its symptoms. Severe cases can lead to extended intensive care unit stays or even death. The USA, China, Spain and Italy are among... Continue Reading →

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